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Effective Presenting Skills

Level – Intermediate | 1-Day Course | 8 Hours CPE

After you’ve presented your case to an individual or a group, do you leave not sure whether you really made your point?  Are you left with the feeling that you failed to get commitment for your ideas?   No matter how good it is, information does not speak for itself; it must be presented in such a manner that everyone understands the point you are trying to make or the material you are trying to present so...  Enhance your presentation skills now!  As The Harvard Business Review said recently, “The number one promotable skill in any industry today is the ability to communicate.”  The purpose of this course is to make each participant, regardless of the level of skill, a better communicator and presenter.


Quality Listening...Skills and More

Level – Beginner | 1/2-Day Course | 4 Hours CPE

The Harvard Business Review says that “listening is still the number one skill of any effective leader today” (that includes social media) and yet, less than two per cent of adults in North America have had any formal instruction in listening. The majority of us listen as we were listened to, and just how were you listened to as you were growing up? Beginning with an understanding of why people fail to hear/listen and then through briefings, exercises and practices, participants will explore quality (active) listening in a half day course as seen in three dynamics:

  • Staying Focused

  • Capturing the Message

  • Helping the Speaker

Writing for When it Matters

Level – Intermediate | 1/2-Day Course | 4 Hours CPE

The Harvard Business Review still says “the number one promotable skill in any industry today is the ability to communicate”. We forget that communication includes the written word in addition to listening, talking, public speaking, presenting, and facilitating. Today’s emphasis on fast messaging, coupled with technological advances of tweeting and texting, has contributed to a diminishing appreciation of the importance of writing, even writing for when it really matters.


The Purpose of Writing for When It Matters is to introduce and then practice some basic and advanced skills and tools to enhance written communication, from texting and emails to white papers, proposals and executive reports, so that managers, supervisor’s and team members might be even more productive and capable, producing extraordinary results for themselves and others.

Writing Basics: Correctness, Clarity, and Consistency

Level – Beginner | 1/2-Day Course | 4 Hours CPE

This half-day course covers basic writing and grammar skills, with an emphasis on correctness and cross-organizational consistency in workplace writing.

Writing for the Web

Level – Beginner | 1/2-Day Course | 4 Hours CPE

As we rely more and more on the Internet to deliver information to clients, customers, and colleagues, it’s increasingly important to create content that works on the Web. In this course, you will learn to create online content that is user-friendly and clear.

Effective Email Strategies

Level – Intermediate | 1/2-Day Course | 4 Hours CPE

With the volume of email escalating, it’s more important than ever to build strong, efficient email writing skills. In this practical, hands-on course, you’ll review sample emails to learn what works and what doesn’t, and you’ll learn techniques and develop skills to improve your productivity.

Proofreading for Professionals

Level – Intermediate | 1-Day Course | 8 Hours CPE

At our Proofreading for Professionals you’ll be introduced to practical and up-to-date grammar guidelines, pointers for use in everyday punctuation, common word choice mistakes, and sentence construction errors. You’ll receive tips and techniques that the proofreading professionals use. You’ll find out the answers to your capitalization questions and receive realistic spelling rules and guidelines.

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