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Why should I consider On-Site Training Courses?
Simply put, Solutions Training Group on-site training is the perfect solution for training ten employees or launching a company-wide training effort. It’s affordable, your folks won’t have to leave the office; it’s customizable, design it to fit the goals important to you; it’s completely hassle-free and it produces immediate and measurable results.
Consider on-site training if:
• You need to train several people at once
• You need training focused on a specific issue unique to your organization
• You’re looking for an alternative to sending employees off-site, incurring expensive travel and lodging costs
Call (888) 878-4801 or email us (Mary Ann or Nicole) to schedule your own on-site training.

What is Solutions Training Group’s Tax ID?
Our Federal Tax ID Number is #45-4444538 our Texas Identification Number is #14544445381
How do I see the course content?
On the Courses page, simply click REGISTER. An abbreviated course outline will show information about the instructor, times of the classes, location, and CPE hours.
Can I receive CPE hours/credits for classes from Solutions Training Group?
For CPAs
Yes, most courses meet certification requirements for Certified Public Accounts and Government Accountants and Auditors. Solutions Training Group is registered and certified by the Texas Board of Certified Public Accountants. Also, most courses will meet requirements for the Government Auditing Standards Yellow Book.
Our TX Board of Public Accountancy Sponsor Number: 009988

For Purchasers Certification
Yes, courses that have the term purchasing, contract, or procurement in the title, will meet the Texas Comptroller’s Office (CPA) requirements for recertification for the Certified Texas Purchaser (CTP) and the Certified Texas Procurement Manager (CTPM). For additional information please access CPA’s website.

If the class DOES NOT have the term purchasing, contract, or procurement in the title, it is up to your supervisor to determine whether or not the class should be counted toward recertification.

For HR Certification
Yes, our courses will meet requirements toward recertification for the Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and the Professional in Human Resources (PHR). Credit is awarded on an hour-for-hour basis for all educational contact time.

For Certified Fraud Examiner Certification
Yes, our courses will meet requirements toward recertification for the Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE). We offer courses directly relating to the detection and deterrence of fraud.

Will I receive Course Certificates (proof of attendance)?
Yes, upon completion of each class, Solutions Training Group will issue a certificate stating that you have attended the class and that you may receive up to ___ hours of credit for attending. Usually maximums are 8 hours or 16 hours.

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Can I pay with a check?
Yes. Payment should be made to SOLUTIONS TRAINING GROUP, Federal Tax ID: 45-4444538.
Do you accept purchase orders?
Yes. Solutions Training Group welcomes purchase orders for classes. We need to receive these prior to the class. You can either enter the PO number when you are registering for the class or email the number to Mary Ann.
Can my agency pay through direct deposit?
Yes, Texas state agencies and universities can direct deposit funds through the Texas State Comptrollers Office Direct Deposit system.
How can I pay with a credit card?
Click here to Pay using Paypal
Contact Mary Ann at to submit a credit card payment over the phone.

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What is a unique ID number?
Your unique ID number is your last name plus the last four digits of your social security number. Example: Smith4321 This unique ID is used only to identify you in registering for STG classes.
Can I substitute someone else for my space?
Yes. Another person can take your place if you cannot attend a class for which you are registered. Please send an email to the class coordinator (Mary Ann or Nicole) with the name of the person who will be taking your place. Please have the new person register online for the class. Once the new person is registered, we will remove your name from the class roster and usually there is no cancellation charge.
What if I have to cancel?
If you cancel your registration two weeks prior to the class date, you will receive a full refund. If you cancel after two weeks prior to the class date, you will be charged a materials fee and will be mailed the materials for the class.

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Is all your training in Austin?
We offer classes in our Austin facility and can bring most of our courses to your organization.

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