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Register 10/13/2014   Infusing CALMę in the Workplace: Responding vs. Reacting  Nicole Perrotta 
Register 10/13/2014   ATTESTATION STANDARDS  Bruce Truitt 
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10/14/2014   Effective Presentation Skills  Mike Renquist 
Register 10/16/2014   Leaders Appreciation Day  Multiple 
Register 10/23/2014   Grammer Basics: Correctness, Clarity, and Consistency  Kathryn Rogers 
Register 11/4/2014   Writing for the Web  Kathryn Rogers 
Register 11/4/2014   When Departments Collide: Transforming Workplace Challenges into Workplace Success   Nicole Perrotta 
Register 11/13/2014   Leading with Emotional Intelligence  Nicole Perrotta 
Register 11/17/2014  24  Evaluating Information Systems Controls  Glen D. Chambers 
Register 11/18/2014   Putting the CA▓RE into Customer Service  Nicole Perrotta 
Register 11/20/2014  16  Computer Fraud Prevention and Detection  Glen D. Chambers 
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