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Register 5/14/2015  20150514  Leading wtih Emotional Intelligence  In Partnership with Transformation Associates, LLC 
Register 5/18/2015  20150518  Data Mining Benford's Law  Bruce Truitt 
Register 5/18/2015  20150518b  Attestation Standards  Bruce Truitt 
Register 5/20/2015  20150520b  Feedback and Coaching for Change… with a View to Reducing Resistance   Mike Renquist 
Register 5/20/2015  20150520  Quality Listening...Skills and More  Mike Renquist 
Register 5/21/2015  20150521  Effective Presenting Skills  Mike Renquist 
Register 6/1/2015  20150601b  Dollar Unit Sampling  Bruce Truitt 
Register 6/1/2015  20150601  Effective Meeting Leadership Skills  Mike Renquist 
Register 6/1/2015  20150601c  The Foundations of Sampling & Extrapolation  Bruce Truitt 
Register 8/4/2015  20150804  Grammar Basics: Correctness, Clarity, and Consistency  Kathryn Rogers 
Register 8/5/2015  20150805  When Departments Collide: Transforming Workplace Challenges into Workplace Success  In Partnership with Transformation Associates, LLC 
Register 8/6/2015  20150806  Effective Presenting Skills  Mike Renquist 
Register 8/11/2015  20150811  Effective Workplace Writing  Kathryn Rogers 
Register 8/12/2015  20150812  Putting the CAČRE in Customer Service  In Partnership with Transformation Associates, LLC 
Register 8/13/2015  20150813  Leading with Emotional Intelligence  In Partnership with Transformation Associates, LLC 
Register 8/17/2015  2015/0817  Introduction to Information Technology for Auditors  Glen Chambers 
Register 8/19/2015  20150819  Evaluating Information Systems Controls  Glen Chambers 
Register 9/17/2015  20150917a  Infusing CALM© in the Workplace: Responding vs. Reacting   In Partnership with Transformation Associates, LLC 
Register 9/17/2015  20150917  Effective Communication through Email  Kathryn Rogers 
Register 10/1/2015  20151001  Effective Presenting Skills  Mike Renquist 
Register 10/8/2015  20151008  Proofreading for Professionals  Kathryn Rogers 
Register 11/5/2015  20151105  Effective Presenting Skills  Mike Renquist 
Register 11/12/2015  20151112  Leading with Emotional Intelligence  In Partnership with Transformation Associates, LLC 
Register 11/16/2015  20151116  Variable Sampling  Bruce Truitt 
Register 12/8/2015  20151208b  Attestation Standards  Bruce Truitt 
Register 12/8/2015  20151208  Data Mining: Benford's Law  Bruce Truitt 
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